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Recently my newsletter subscriber count and product sales are stalling after the initial boost. It got me worried.

Marketing on Twitter, IndieHackers, and HackerNews helped a little, but it also brought down my productivity; hence yesterday’s newsletter subject “Fighting Unproductivities.” I need to brainstorm new strategies to growth-hack. I started by listing my unique advantages and disadvantages.



I took a look at google analytics to see which site is the most popular. The most popular sites that I own are:

I started to design the modal pop-up interaction. My favorite place to get inspiration for interactive animation is Codrops. This is what I ended up with after experimenting with a few different options:


Now I need to design an eye-catching, convincing modal layout with a call to action. I want it to have a non-standard look so that people won’t mistake it as an ads at first glance. I went through a series of small changes until I settle at last:


The three iterations in the last row don’t look very different, do they? What I changed between 7 and 8 was the font for the apostrophe. I like the more traditional look and think it is more fitting for the rest of the letters:


Combine the modal interaction with the layout design; this is what I ended today’s work with:


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